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Les airs de danse sont différents des autres airs par l'intoxication à l'arsenic, une sorte de bandonéon et l'absence de batterie. Le bandonéon est en fait une langue A comme la guitare allemande qui ressemble à un descendant de l'accordéon et de l'orgue. Amusez-vous avec le meilleur casino en ligne sur ramses book demo. Avantage pour les 100 premières personnes ! En fait, la guitare a été conçue pour offrir un son semblable à celui d'un orgue afin d'aider les congrégations des centres communautaires à lutter pour fournir un orgue authentique. L'histoire actuelle de la musique de tango est aussi riche et passionnante en voyant cette danse. Cela a commencé avec des rythmes très simples joués par de simples orchestres destinés aux danseurs. Le top de la roulette et du poker holdem sur notre site best online casino websites. Visitez et obtenez des bonus importants! Avec le temps, des rythmes beaucoup plus faciles deviennent des rythmes plus techniques.

Serpientes, Le Bruit de tes talons (the sound of your heels)

If traditions hold back the passage of time, it’s due to the universality they carry,

wherever they exist and in no matter which era. Just as tango is not reducible to one

definition, repertoire or even one group of musical forms, Serpientes knows this, and

is crafting its own chapter in this period of reconstruction in the tango experience and

creates its own visceral theatre, overflowing with life and passion touching upon

hysteria and insanity. Post-tango yes but not like Gotan Project – Thank God ! –

meaning without electronic imitation even if they sometimes drench us in hefty rock,

the objective is wierd and contains its own store of surprises. A must – album launch

November 29.

by Louis-Julien Nicolaou, les Inrocks, october 2017



There is, in the chaotic passion which flows out of all the inventive compositions of this

album (Le Bruit de tes talons), in the enormous angry rock sound, quite rare in tango, in the

humorous improvised quirks and in the rough strings over the wild percussion, something

totally thrilling.

Anne Berthod, Télérama, october 2017



Tango is definitively a musical style that travels and carries stories of exodus,

immigration and the meeting of new worlds, within it. Like a reptile which weaves its

way all over, the powerful octet Serpientes shares their vision of this music, born in

the brothels of Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century and celebrated in Paris at

the beginning of the 20th, in their freshly released post-tango album ; a universe

where Piazzolla’s tango, off-the-wall rock of Mr Bungle and film music bathed in

Morricone’s psychology, mix and mingle quite naturally, as if the DNA of tango lives in

the futuristic and permanent movement of its time and travels in an imaginary voyage




“Serpientes” releases its first album “Le Bruit de Tes Talons” (the sound of your heels)

By Nicole Videmann, December 4 2016

Passionate and insolent post-tango

After the tango Nuevo of Piazzolla and the tango blues of Melingo, the 8 musicians of the

group Serpientes take revenge with their “Post Tango”. The creative octet has just released

their unrestrained first album. A cheeky and artistically free offering of mutant tango with

strong rock influences.

Serpientes creates a trans-genre tango where tragedy and solemnity sit side by side. The group

trespasses cultural codes and draws from rock and other improvised music whilst anchoring

itself in tango traditions. Their first album “Le Bruit de Tes Talons” offers a tango which

dances between passion and modernity.

In fact Serpientes is the extension of the quartet Tangoleon. This quartet was created by the

pianist Laurent Gehant and the accordionist Sophie Azambre le Roy and includes the bassist

Mathieu Barbances and harmonica player Emmanuel Bosser (who happens to play an

enormous amount of other astonishing instruments too). In order to create a really up-to-date

tango that is based in tradition the quartet invited 4 other musicians. So with the drummer

Jean-Pascal Molina, the electric guitarist and singer Claude Whipple, the violinist Caroline

Pearsall and the cellist Sabine Balasse, the octet Serpientes was born.

After receiving financing from the platform Proarti, Serpientes was able to record 8 tracks for

their album The Sound of Your Heels (Le Bruit de Tes Talons) which came out on November

29 in a fantastic album cover which took 3 weeks to make with typographies from “the end of

the world’. The pieces are mostly compositions by Laurent Gehant as well as some pieces

borrowed from contemporary Argentine composers. Lets not forget a few tango standards,

like the reimagined version of Volver, which the group plays with a surrealist atmosphere

inspired by Western movies.

The claimed influences of the group give you an idea of the multiple aesthetics which come

together in the artistic expression of Serpientes: Astor Piazzola, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota,

Charlie Mingus, Carla Bley, John Zorn, Altertango, Vinicius Capossela, Surnatural Orchestra,

Jerez Le Cam, Mr Bungle. Out of such a hotch potch it’s not surprising that the musical

language of Serpientes is very rich, atypical and renewing the tango style.

So the 8 conquistadors launch themselves into assault of tango and have created a post-tango

which kind of prolongs the unique tango of Gardel and nuevo tango of Piazzolla. Music

which takes liberties with its roots. Tango which feeds on rock and jazz and appropriates the

power of the first and the freedom of the second and accentuates the tragic dimension of a

post- tango.

We like Torpe and its tragic end of the world atmosphere where the cry of the saxophone

played by Julien Loureau accentuates and prolongs the poignant dimension of Claude

Whipple’s singing. The track 100M has a dark atmosphere where the harmonica opens the

show and then gives the word to the accordion and strings. A kind of detective intrigue

follows, moving between nostalgia and humor as the silhouette of a pink panther looking for

the guilty culprit who committed theft in the corners of dark alleys.

The track Mais Transgénique is totally representative of the DNA of Serpientes. It reinstates

the essential essence of imaginative and progressive post-tango where the cutting electric

guitar leads the orchestra far from the usual tango paths only to return with renewed vigor.

Serpientes manages to enlarge the frontiers of tango without betraying it. Thus fed by

powerful rock, tango keeps its original flavour but projects itself into the future. Astonishing

and refreshing all at once, Le Bruit de Tes Talons has invented a music which can bring

together lovers of jazz and rock even if tango purists may challenge it.