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He takes his bread out of the mud.Hatice Bahtiyar, who has been making his living by making tandoori for 22 years, has kneaded the soil like dough with his hands and made it …

Assad wants to be a footballer to save his father, who is in the hands of the Assad regime, Syrian Yahya runs around the car repair shop during the day and on the green field in the evenings 16-year-old Yahya Halef: “It will be difficult to meet my father, but I will succeed” His father, Assad regime, in the civil war in Syria

Süleyman Boğa, who lost his mother 30 years ago in Adana and was sentenced to 15 years in prison as a result of the gun firing, was found dead in his house where he was on leave due to the pandemic.

Adana Chamber of Butchers warns about the workplaces that attract attention with its resemblance to the Meat and Milk Institution. Butchers opened under the name of Meat-Fish at different points in ADANA are preferred by the citizens with the idea that they are ‘Meat and Milk Institution’.

Prisoner father was arrested, his son received house arrest While the father, who had 13 thousand 678 pills sold with green prescriptions and used as drugs, was arrested in Adana, his son was released pending trial under house arrest measures.

According to the last minute development, father and son were caught, alleged to be selling drugs, Galip Yılmaz (63) and his son Alper Yılmaz (38), who were determined to be selling drugs with green prescriptions and drug properties in ADANA, were caught and detained by police teams.

They took the 200 thousand lira vehicle from execution to 10 thousand lira.It turned out that the luxury vehicles worth 200 thousand liras were bought by the executioner of Adana police for 10 thousand lira thanks to the execution manager of the period.

Breaking news … In 8 provinces based in Adana, the number of detentions increased to 18 after another suspect was caught in an operation against a crime organization for profit.

In the operation carried out by the police in Adana, 2,446 smuggled cigars, 1,70 packs of smuggled cigarettes, 1,470 packs of electronic cigarette cartridges, 26 kilos, smuggled hookah tobacco and 18 illegal mobile phones were seized.

Smuggling operation in Adana: 6 detentions During the searches made in the vehicles stopped at the police application point in ADANA, illegal tobacco and tobacco products were seized with 18 mobile phones and 6 people were detained.

President of Adana Chamber of Veterinarians Nihat Köse, President of ADANA Chamber of Veterinarians, stated that only veterinarians have the authority to write the medicines people use for animals when necessary.

According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology, it is estimated that the whole country (except Mersin) will be rainy.

According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology, it is estimated that the whole country (except Mersin) will be rainy.


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