Master Class Tango (music)

Caroline Pearsall and Sabine Balasse propose a study of the different tango musical styles for all instruments.

Contents :
– Rhythmic elements, particularly in the accompaniments (marcato, syncopas, bordoneo)
– Melodic construction of themes ; rhythmic freedom and ornamentation around the written text
– Different way of playing : alternating between legato / staccato, special percussive sound effects (chicharra, glissando, tambor, arrastre, banjo pizz …) and the necessary techniques to play them.
– For the harmonic instruments (piano, guitar, accordion) depending on the level of the participants, harmonic analysis, typical musical motifs and figures, reharmonisations and chordal substitutions.

Master Class in free improvisation and soundpainting

Led by Sophie Azambre le Roy and/or Laurent Gehant (certified by Walter Thomson)

For more than 10 years Laurent Gehant and Sophie Azambre le Roy have developed their experience and competence around soundpainting and free improvisation : courses of  soundpainting in Buenos Aires for tango dancers and musician, 3 years of workshops on soundpainting and free improvisation at the Maison Pop in Montreuil (suburb of Paris) …
These two ideas are often put into opposing positions when one studies them when in fact they go extremely well together and inspire eachother.

Contents :
Initiation into soundpainting, learning about the construction of this musical language. Proposition of free improvisation exercises.
Work on the hand signs specific to soundpainting which allow moments of directed improvisation and moments of free improvisation.

Workshop on Tango-Contact (dance)

This is a workshop that proposes a dance in between Argentinian tango and contact-dance-improvisation. These workshops, which can turn into dance balls, allow people with no tango dance knowledge to create their own version of tango using these different dance techniques and ideas.This video gives you an idea of what it possible:

Film tango de contrebande